AIRPORTconnect is the exclusive network of premium DOOH spaces at the airports of Stuttgart, Munich, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Cologne-Bonn, Berlin Tegel and Schönefeld.

AIRPORTconnect offers the possibility of occupying 7 premium airports at the same time with just one booking. The advertising spaces: exclusively digital premium spaces in selected, central areas with a high contact frequency and strong advertising impact.

The advertising spaces in summary

STR – Digital screens in the public and non-public area

The placements at Stuttgart Airport offer high-quality screens with a high number of contacts and optimum coverage.

  • 4 prominently placed 103" screens in the public departure and arrival area of Terminal 1
  • 7 synchronously playable video walls draw everyone's attention in the area of the baggage carousels in Terminal 3
  • Strong frequency thanks to central positioning in the walkways

More information about Airport media at Stuttgart Airport you can find here.

MUC - Terminal 1 – Digital Take-Off Boards

The Digital Take-Off Boards with central placement in front of the security check and right next to the flight information attract great attention of all departing passengers in Terminal 1.

  • 4 areas each with 3x4 monitor walls (46" monitors) at the access to modules A-D of Terminal 1
  • The digital take-off boards are placed in the field of view of all departing passengers in Terminal 1
  • All departing passengers in Terminal 1 are reached

MUC - Terminal 2 satellite – Digital wall monitors

In the central areas of levels 04 and 05 (Schengen and Non-Schengen), the digital wall surfaces offer optimal conditions for reaching all satellite passengers with your advertising message.

  • 2 digital wall surfaces directly in the walkway of arriving and departing passengers from/to Terminal 2
  • 6 digital wall surfaces on level 05 along the walking paths of the passengers
  • A total of 8 areas with 3x2 monitor walls each (60'' monitors)

More information about Airport media at Munich Airport you can find here.

DUS - placement in the departure and arrival areas

Fascination in large-scale format: spectacular staging of your advertising message at prominent locations throughout the airport.

  • 4 large, prominently positioned screens in the terminal (arrival gates A/luggage reclaim, terminal west departure area) and at the gates (arrival/central exit, Hugo Junkers Lounge)
  • Covering of the public as well as the security area
  • Addressing departing and arriving passengers

More information about Airport media at Düsseldorf Airport you can find here.

HAM - Multi Displays in the security area

The placement of the multi displays is designed to accompany our passengers throughout the entire journey in the security area. This allows you to reach arriving and departing passengers alike.

  • 6 multi display screens in the security area
  • Approximately 90 percent of all arriving and departing passengers are reached
  • High frequency junctions along the pier. The multi display screens follow the passengers along the entire passenger journey in the security area

HAM - Multi displays in the public area

The prominently placed displays are located directly above the escalator, which connects the public departure level with the public arrival area.

  • 2 prominently placed multi-display screens in the public area of Hamburg Airport (in the departure halls of Terminals 1 and 2)
  • All departing passengers checking in at Terminals 1 and 2 will be reached. In addition, the multi displays are clearly visible from the waiting area on the arrivals level

More information about Airport media at Hamburg Airport you can find here.

CGN – advertising spaces in all areas of Terminal 1 and 2

The large-scale advertising space at Cologne Airport attracts both departing and arriving passengers in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 very attention-grabbing due to its dominant placement.

  • 2 Videowalls dominate the departure lounge in Terminal 1
  • 2 prominently placed video walls in the security area directly above the entrances to the Lufthansa Lounge and other departure gates as well as the non-Schengen area.
  • 1 centrally placed videowall between the infoboards of the departure in Terminal 2
  • 1 videowall in the central arriva of Terminal 1
  • 2 highly visible video

More information about Airport media at Cologne Airport you can find here.

SXF - Berlin

Present your brand on a total of 7 digital premium spaces at Berlin Schönefeld Airport.

  • The digital walkway between the S-Bahnstation and the airport accompanies the passengers with a total of 6 screens on their journey.
  • The Digital Wall D is one of the first areas in the public arrival area and welcomes passengers in Berlin.

More information about Airport media at Berlin Schönefeld Airport you can find here.

TXL - Berlin

Present your brand on a total of 9 digital premium spaces at Berlin Tegel Airport.

  • The double-sided Digital Main Hall in Terminal A is one of the most dominant advertising spaces at TXL Airport.
  • The Digital Gate Ring consists of 5 prominently placed monitor walls in the public gate ring of Terminal A.
  • The digital departure gate in the waiting area of Terminal A scores with a particularly long stay.
  • The digital wall C in the public area of Terminal C is framed by the easyJet check-in area and the exit for arriving passengers.

More information about Airport media at Berlin Tegel Airport you can find here.